Discover Four Powerful Practical Ways to Benefit From The Power Of Infinite Energy In Your Everyday Life
You know that everything is energy. But how do you apply this to your life?  Join us in this Power Life System Masterclass for an eye opening demonstration where you’ll witness firsthand how energy actually runs our reality and walk away with at least 4 different energy techniques.
This Masterclass is absolutely FREE and plays in your local time.  You can choose your preferred session below.
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Hear From Students Talking About The Power Life System Trainings

Andrea Velasquez

"Even though you don't think it, many people are really negative. They don't believe they will get a car, a porsche, etc. They think that they'll have to work for 20 years or never be able to get it. Each person makes it harder than it should be to reach their goals. But with the methods in the Masterclass, you'll learn that through spiritual energy there are many ways to get what you want. I highly recommend attending the Free Masterclass."

Peter Kennedy

"The Power Life System came along at the right time. I was already on a journey, and the course gave me the structure to take the next step. Essentially, the course helped me to clarify what I want, to focus on how I am going to get there, and to make the benefits of what I want a present reality, rather than a future dream. It’s a simple way to make things happen—from finances to relationships—that I can use for the rest of my life."

Heidy Andrade

"The energy exercises in Masterclass, helped me connect even more with my inner self and with nature. My experience with the energy exercises in the Masterclass was spectacular. I could feel my soul in peace and my attitude change, after the exercises. I felt as if I was someone else. I felt happy, less anxious and feeling much more positive. My friends even noticed the positive changes in me and asked what I had done!"

Isabel Naranjo

"Initially I did not know anything about meditation and energy nor the power that these have. I had the opportunity to run into this course and I began to experience how wonderful my life can be after applying the knowledge shared by Eric. I feel that every time I put them into practice my life is illuminated by a positive energy that fills me with confidence to be able to make real everything I want. It is amazing how I can transmit this energy to the people around me. Every time I feel sad or worried about some situation I go to this method and I can feel at peace. I feel that I can positively influence people and events around me. I'm just amazed!"
Disclaimer: Each person's results will vary. The testimonials are 100% real and verifiable, but there is no guarantee of any specific results.
Meet Eric Michael (Your Masterclass Host)
Hi, my name is Eric, and for over 20 years, I started and grew companies. Yet, no matter how hard I worked or how successful the companies were, something was missing.

I discovered that if my focus was on more for me, I would never be fulfilled. Yet, when I shifted the focus to spiritual and consciousness expansion, fulfillment expanded incredibly.

I now apply methods of meditation, breathing, energy, and others to expand consciousness and connect even more with the infinite energy in the universe.

While this is the primary focus, as a secondary, you earn more money, have better relationships, experience a lot more fun, and can manifest what you desire naturally.

With over 20 years of experience in business, this is by far the most important thing I can share and it is my mission to help more people.

If you have read this far, likely you are here for a reason. Whether it is fate, destiny, divine coincidence, or something else, join this free Masterclass and see how you can benefit.

Light and love,
What You'll Learn In The 45 Minute Energy Methods Masterclass
  • Exercise #1: Quiet your critical mind and relax even deeper. When you do, you feel more joy, peace, equanimity, think clearer, and connect even more with the infinite energy around us. 
  • Exercise #2: Experience energy in a new way. By seeing and feeling energy for yourself, you'll expand your belief and ability to leverage its power.
  • Exercise #3: Dissolve blocks. You'll start dissolving all 3 types of blocks, internal, external and emotional to allow yourself to naturally progress to new heights.
  • Exercise #4: Accelerate synchronicities, receive inspired ideas, and manifest effectively. Here you will learn how to influence things happening exactly as you want (synchronicities), get ides that unlock new levels of success in all areas (inspired ideas), and project your desired reality so that the physical world starts to naturally reflect it (manifest).
  • Bonus: Plus, as a bonus, get a downloadable worksheet to leverage one of the secrets of energy (I'll reveal in the Masterclass).
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