You know that everything is energy. But, how do you use it in your life? Join Eric Michael in this FREE training and discover the power in your energy body to create the life of your dreams.
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Discover the tools you need to influence energy to reality and influence the world with your consciousness, with this FREE Masterclass.
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In This 60-Minute Masterclass, You Will Learn:
  • ​​Understand Why 98% Of People Never Get Their Dream Life - It's essential to know what not to do. While you have the potential to have all you want, if you keep doing any one of these things, it's like driving with your foot on the brake and the gas pedals at the same time. Stop trying to make it happen and instead allow it to naturally.
  • ​How To Stop Using Words & Phrases That Sabotage Your Success - Discover very subtle but extremely powerful words and phrases that will keep you from ever having what you want and know the words and phrases to use instead. You'll be amazed at how this one adjustment makes everything easier in life, and even more importantly, allows your most important desires to come to you as they should.
  • ​How To Choose A System That Works - There are 3 requirements for a system to work. When you know them you can stop wasting time and money on things that promise results and don't provide them. It only took Eric 10 years to discover these 3 keys. You'll know them by the end of the Masterclass and can use them to choose a system that will work for you to manifest the life of your dreams.
About Eric Michael 
I used to feel overwhelmed, stressed and anxious practically daily ...

I tried almost everything you can think of: affirmations, self-help, deep emotional work ... but nothing seemed to really work consistently ... until I discovered the power that exists in our energy bodies ... and that's when everything changed .

Yes, we take care of our physical bodies ... our minds ... our emotions ... but we often neglect our energy bodies.

Regardless of your background or beliefs ... energy affects us ... deeper than we know. For example, every time you go to the store and someone there has a "negative" energy ... you feel it in the pit of your stomach ... Or when you hang up the phone with someone who simply feels "OFF" ... it affects you ... you start carrying that feeling all day too ...

But it's deeper than that ... MUCH deeper ... that's just the surface level ... Once I accepted the fact that energy, whether I see it or not, affects my reality ... and I started to immerse myself in mastering my energy skills ... then life began to happen FOR me, instead of for me.

I began to have more confidence ... feel more peaceful ... more alive ... more vibrant ... and I began to feel like ME again.

The things I loved most in life began to come to me, predictably and consistently.

I began to attract healthier relationships in my life, and the toxic ones began to fade.

Finally ... freedom, abundance and success were not just a "dream" but a daily reality for me.

It has been 6 years since I discovered the power of energy methods ... and since then, I have helped thousands develop their natural energy skills ... and now, I want to share this information with more people. ... I hope that you. That's why I organized a free 60-minute training on "Mastering Your Energy."

See you in training.

Hear From Students Talking About The Power Life System Trainings
"I highly recommend attending the Free Masterclass."
Even though you don't think it, many people are really negative. They don't believe they will get a car, a porsche, etc. They think that they'll have to work for 20 years or never be able to get it. Each person makes it harder than it should be to reach their goals. But with the methods in the Masterclass, you'll learn that there are many ways to get what you want. I highly recommend attending the Free Masterclass.
Andrea Velasquez
Model & Actress
"It’s a simple way to make things happen—from finances to relationships—that I can use for the rest of my life."
The Power Life System came along at the right time. I was already on a journey, and the course gave me the structure to take the next step. Essentially, the course helped me to clarify what I want, to focus on how I am going to get there, and to make the benefits of what I want a present reality, rather than a future dream. It’s a simple way to make things happen—from finances to relationships—that I can use for the rest of my life..
Peter Kennedy
"I feel that I can positively influence people and events around me."
 I had the opportunity to run into this course and I began to experience how wonderful my life can be after applying the knowledge shared by Eric. I feel that every time I put them into practice my life is illuminated by a positive energy that fills me with confidence to be able to make real everything I want. It is amazing how I can transmit this energy to the people around me. Every time I feel sad or worried about some situation I go to this method and I can feel at peace. I feel that I can positively influence people and events around me. I'm just amazed!.
Isabel Naranjo
"My experience with the Masterclass was spectacular. "
"The exercises in Masterclass, helped me connect even more with my inner self and with nature. I could feel my soul in peace and my attitude change, after the exercises. I felt as if I was someone else. I felt happy, less anxious and feeling much more positive. My friends even noticed the positive changes in me and asked what I had done!".
Heidy Andrade
Health Practitioner
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